Derek Jeter

Barry Bonds hit 73 homeruns in 2001 and many credit the maple in his bats for his prodigious power, though the steroids may also have helped.

Every year on our birthdays we get a new power. When you turn 2, you get the power to say, "I 2"; at 16 you get to drive badly; 18 is vote-power; at 35 you can be president, and 20 years later, when you turn 55, you get the power to save 93 cents on your Moons over My Hammy at participating Denny's "restaurants." When I turned 21, I tested my legal-drinking power on the brewery tour at Busch Gardens. The tour was too long, too hot, and smelled too much like a Shetland sheepdog that had been used to mop up after a Salisbury University frat party, and it was still the second greatest factory tour in the world, because at the end they gave me free beer...