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Hot Dish II: Getting Hotter Burlesque Show in Photos (NSFW)


    After performing in nearly 1,500 scenes with over 1,400 women and having won three AVN Awards I am more-than-qualified to speak on this matter.

  • The Naked Truth: Stripping for Fun and Profit

    The Naked Truth: Stripping for Fun and Profit

    I knew I should have called before I came. From the parking lot I can see that no lights are on inside, but the door is wide open. Apparently the rain and wind knocked out the electricity to the bar. Fortunately it’s a summer storm, so it’s plenty warm, and I can’t say that the damp breeze passing...

  • Stripping Away Debt

    At 10 p.m. or so on a given Saturday night, around the same time my friends were leaving for some party or another, I threw one more pair of heels into an enormous duffle bag already blooming with black lace, makeup, and stray dollar bills. As they pre-gamed outside, I packed my booze to-go and...

  • Exploring the lives of transgender women on the street

    If you drive up Charles Street past North Avenue late at night, you're likely to glimpse the seamy world of prostitutes and the johns who pick them up. Many of the women standing on the street corners and (in the words of one frustrated resident) "draped over" the cars began life as boys and turned...

  • Up and down (and up and down) with Baltimore County internet-porn pioneers Jen and Dave

    Though the holidays have long since passed, and the trees are blooming outside, Christmas paper and lights still adorn the walls of Jen and Dave’s Baltimore County apartment, along with drawings by their 7-year-old twins. Fossils of ancient video-game systems and an old, broken computer haunt one...

  • Trussed: A guerrilla bondage love story

    John, an athletic 33-year-old, shimmies up a pole on the carousel beside the Maryland Science Center at the Inner Harbor, holding rope between his teeth. “The best part is to see him climb like that,” says Lily, his partner and a 26-year-old science student at a local university (both prefer not...

  • The Reigning Queen

    Editor Dian Hanson Navigates the Fine Line Separating Art from Pornography