Alternative Medicine

"Some people asked us if we're in a parade," Melissa says. "And 'Is this the parade?' and 'Is the parade just us?'"

Phil Smith is a racer to his marrow. He raced mountain bikes professionally for a decade and raced three seasons of motocross for Yamaha and Suzuki. Then, one day, after more than a decade of competition, he walked away, sure the last drop of racing had long left his body. Then he met Melissa. Melissa Smith is pretty close to vegan, works at the Maryland University of Integrative Health, and is becoming a yoga instructor. She didn't think she had a competitive bone in her body until she met Phil. They were both wrong, and together, they found love at 3 mph in a pedal-powered Amish buggy.

Way back in 1999, the American Visionary Art Museum brought the Kinetic...