Jayne Miller

"Reasonable Enough Suspicion": On Curtis Deal, killed by police on Tuesday

'Reasonable Enough Suspicion': On Curtis Deal, killed by police on Tuesday

The Baltimore police shot and killed somebody earlier this week: Curtis Deal, 18, who had a gun, and though he didn't fire it, he did aim it at an officer.

On Tuesday, not long after Deal's death, T.J. Smith, chief spokesman for the Baltimore Police Department, explained how it all went down to reporters: Officers noticed a car driving erratically, so they followed with some help from Foxtrot overhead, and as they followed along, they spotted the door of the car open then close, open then close, and eventually Deal ran out of the car and took off, so police officers ran after him.

Deal and Det. David Kincaid Jr. met up a few streets over, at Frederick Avenue near South...