Richard Linklater

Saturday: "School of Rock" Live Reading

Saturday: 'School of Rock' Live Reading

Oct. 21

“School of Rock,” an absurdly unlikely mainstream film made by Austin hipster/Terrence Malick-acolyte Richard Linklater and misanthropic TV writer Mike White (otherwise best known for the wrenching, funny-in-a-fucked-up-way HBO comedy “Enlightened”), is, ideologically speaking, the perfect movie. It’s rock-as-politics ontology gives you everything you could want: a schlubby guy finding an outlet for his nerdy passions, kids being empowered to learn through expressing themselves, and stodgy authority figures being told where to shove it. Also, the film reminds us—parents are the worst. Briefly: After slacker fuckboi Dewey (Jack Black in a role he was born...