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City Paper's Firefly Music Festival live blog

City Paper's Firefly Music Festival live blog

1:13 a.m.
And thus ends the Firefly Festival. What a time it was. We hope you enjoyed reading our grousing about the state of music on display here in the muddy fields of Dover, Delaware. But we're not done, of course. Here are our last two dispatches, on the delightful Killers and the by-the-numbers Snoop Dogg. Until next time... (Brandon Weigel)

How long does it take to become a nostalgia act? For the synth-y rock band The Killers, it's 12 years, the amount of time since their debut album, "Hot Fuss."

This is not a complaint, because The Killers have maybe two albums of great material amongst their four recorded albums, and they played just...