John Goodman

Wednesday-Tuesday: "The Big Lebowski"

Wednesday-Tuesday: 'The Big Lebowski'

Aug. 30-Sept. 5

For a late ‘90s movie set loosely in an early ‘90s moment, "The Big Lebowski" sure has legs. Despite its inauspicious beginnings (it cost way more than “Fargo” but made way less; this paper panned it), the Coen Brothers’ eighth major feature became a cultural touchstone in ways that “Raising Arizona,” “Miller’s Crossing,” or, say, “O Brother, Where Art Thou?” could only dream of. Or have nightmares about. I mean, hell, there are Lebowski Fests in a dozen cities and there was a documentary (“The Achievers”) about the Lebowskifesters. It’s a cult. Or maybe a movement. The film’s high concept—drop a Zen stoner into a Raymond Chandler flick—could have...