"The Feds Got Instagram Dummy": Twelfth Murdaland Mafia defendant pleads guilty

'The Feds Got Instagram Dummy': Twelfth Murdaland Mafia defendant pleads guilty

When Dontray Johnson visited Dante Bailey at the Baltimore County jail and told him he had killed fellow gang member Brian "Nutty B" Johnson for refusing to pay gang dues, Bailey approved.

"I told you about this," the leader of the Murdaland Mafia Piru (MMP) said, according to a wiretapped conversation included in a second superseding federal indictment of the Baltimore-based Bloods gang set that was quietly unsealed in June. "Blow a fucking head off! Blow another nigga's head off! I said I'm through. . . . Don't play with 'em. Make 'em scared!"

Johnson assured Bailey that he was on collection duty and would continue to instruct...