Arthur Andersen



"A city," Faith Popcorn says, "is really a product."

Faith Popcorn should know. Faith Popcorn knows products. Faith Popcorn is a product herself: the founder, CEO, and very public face of Faith Popcorn's BrainReserve, a New York-based consulting outfit that tracks, forecasts, and promotes consumer trends. With bright-red dye-streaked hair, a made-up lexicon of trends (Cocooning, EGOnomics, Down-Aging), and a knack for the quotable, she is the go-to futurist for the mass media, popping up regularly on CBS, ABC, NBC, and CNN.

Her trendspotting--"Brailling the culture," as she and her employees put it--knows few bounds. BrainReserve has been called...