City Paper Weed Issue 2015 Product Reviews: Arizer Air Vaporizer

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Vaporizers used to be big, goofy devices made out of jars and light bulbs and hockey pucks and shit. Now, they have become extraordinarily sleek, as is exemplified by the Pax, which I’ve previously reviewed (I have learned since then, however, how important it is to keep the Pax well cleaned and lubed—if it gets gunky, good luck).

The Arizer Air ( has many modern and elegant qualities. I got it in the mail after I wrote my vaporizer roundup and was excited to try it (I bought all the others on my own dime). I brought it home and found a nice, compact main piece. But when a friend and I tried to use it . . . utter confusion. The cylinder, about the size of the Pax, which is roughly a roll and a half of quarters, didn’t really make sense. Where do you put the stuff? What do I breathe out of?

It turns out that it comes with several different glass fixtures. I don’t know if some of them are actually for aromatherapy, as the manual claims, or an elaborate cover—but they don’t work for smoking weed.

It’s all just too complicated for most stoners, I fear—especially at $259.99. When we tried to use it, it was a comedy of errors. It would have been easier to carve a bowl from an apple than to figure out all these pieces, which it doesn’t feel like were really thought through. Like, there is a clip-on carrying case for the cylinder, right, but where do you put all the glass things? In fact, after the first couple of times of using it, I lost the glass stuff and can’t even remember how to use it again. And the rubber sleeve for the cylinder looks like a condom. What is all this stuff for?

Which is a shame, because both my friend and I thought it hit nicely once we did figure it out and we ended up feeling extra-ripped after just a few hits. But it feels like hooking a spiral cord and old-school receiver for your iPhone. It’s more trouble than it’s worth. 

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