Mobb Deep

May 21

The mean-muggin’-est of the early ’90s New York mean-mugging rappers, Queensbridge’s Mobb Deep are like Nas without the lofty idealism or Wu-Tang without the wigged-out wisdom, which makes their ability to stalk around the stage more than 20 years after their classic sophomore record, “The Infamous . . . ,” all the more impressive. Prodigy and Havoc just didn’t seem built to last. Rather, they appeared to be scrappy MCs whose visceral street poetry (from ‘Shook Ones Pt. II’: “Your crew is featherweight/ My gunshots will make you levitate/ I’m only 19 but my mind is old/ And when the things get for real, my warm heart turns cold”) would be a flash of brilliance during the early ’90s and the rest of the world would move on. Instead the duo turned out to be survivors, and surprisingly consistent ones as well, accruing a number of grimy anthems and street hits, including ‘God Pt. III,’ ‘Quiet Storm,’ ‘Burn,’ and ‘Put Em’ In Their Place,’ developing separate solo careers, and maintaining the rugged and raw rap tradition. 10 p.m., Baltimore Soundstage, 124 Market Place, (410) 244-0057,, $20. (Brandon Soderberg)

Courtesy Mobb Deep
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