Buck Showalter Garden Gnome Night

June 27

There are a number of promotions throughout the baseball season. You’ve got your standards, such as T-shirt night, cap night, floppy hat night, or bobble-head night. And then are some nights where they’re giving away big-ticket items, like a hoodie, a replica jersey, and a Hawaiian shirt. Comparable items are at least $25 in the team store (the ones in the store are probably made of sturdier materials, but still). For the profoundly bizarre, come out to Oriole Park tonight where the first 25,000 fans age 15 and older will receive a statuette of manager Buck Showalter designed to look like one of the little men from folklore, pointy hat and all. Yes, the man who helped restore Orioles baseball can now be a treasured keepsake to keep among your rose bushes and azaleas. 7:15 p.m., Oriole Park at Camden Yards, 333 W. Camden St., 888-848-2473, orioles.com, $16-$79 (Brandon Weigel)

Digital Illustration by Charlie Herrick
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