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Baltimore Krampuslauf II

Dec. 5

With all of the sparkly, ooey-gooey sweetness of the holidays, we always feel the need to counter it with a dose of darkness other than just by watching “The Nightmare Before Christmas” several times. German folklore has it covered: Krampus, if you’re not aware, is basically the anticlaus of Christmas. He’s an uber-metal anthropomorphized goat demon thing who punishes kids, usually by swatting them with birch branches or dragging them to hell. If you want to summon the beast the right way, spook Hampdenites at the second annual Krampuslauf, modeled after the traditional German event in which participants dress up as Krampus and scare people. Expose your horns, roam from the Avenue to the illuminated 34th Street singing Krampus carols, and enjoy a special Krampus-inspired ice cream flavor from The Charmery. 4 p.m., De Kleine Duivel, 3602 Hickory Ave.,, free. (Maura Callahan)

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