West Side/Station North


Eat: Only in Baltimore are crab cakes a reasonable food to grab on the go. Take advantage of the miracle of Faidley's while you shop. 203 N. Paca St. , (410) 727-4898

Drink: Whether you need a pint or a glass of wine, or a shot, immediately, Alewife has got you covered. 21 N. Eutaw St., (410) 545-5112


Eat: If you're looking to hide out and calm your nerves with a stiff pre-holiday cocktail, you could do a lot worse than Beatnik Bar. 2101 Maryland Ave., (443) 742-2123

Drink: If you happen to be on a group shopping trip, swing the gang by Jong Kak for some rib-sticking Korean BBQ and a few shots of Soju. 18 W. 20th St., (410) 837-5231

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