2015 Gift Guide: O'Donnell Street

Canton’s O’Donnell Street doesn’t have much in the way of retail, but it does have 2910 On The Square (2910 O’Donnell St., [410] 675-8505, 2910, onthesquare.com), the local gift shop that is one of the few stores in the city selling items geared toward Hanukkah. Here’s one thing Canton Square does have, though: booze. Lots and lots of booze.

And if you’re going to schlep to Canton, you might as well enjoy what’s on offer.

After perusing 2910’s Baltimore memorabilia, jewelry, and other wares, head across the square to Mama’s On the Half Shell (3000 O’Donnell St., [410] 675-4029, mamasmd.com/mamassite) to slurp down some oysters after all your hard shopping work. And maybe have a look at the crushes menu too.

If bivalves aren’t your thing, or there’s still room to eat, head east and back across the square to Jokers ‘n Thieves (3000 O’Donnell St., [410] 675-4029, jokersnthievesbaltimore.com) for a menu with meat, meat, and more meat. It also has a nice draught list and whiskey cocktail menu.

By now it’s time for a pick-me-up, which can be found at the pun-tastic Holy Crepe Bakery & Cafe (2929 O’Donnell St., [443] 438-5510, holycrepebakerycafe.com), where crepes (duh), cakes, pies, pastries, and coffee are on offer.

Oh shit, look at the time. All this eating and drinking has put a damper on all that holiday shopping. Bolt east on O’Donnell and stop at the Natty Boh Tower, where you can find an assortment of merchandise carrying Mr. Boh’s visage at Canton Self Storage (3600 O’Donnell St., [410] 285-7666, nattybohgear.com). Everyone loves something with that mustachioed man!

Now that that’s out of the way, a trip to Canton wouldn’t be complete without a trip to the best karaoke bar in the city, Walt’s Inn (3201 O’Donnell St., [410] 327-1495, waltsinn.com). It opens at 6 p.m., which is a perfect time to down a few pints and burp out your favorite classic from the ’80s.

So grab the bus, hail a cab (or Uber), or wrangle a designated driver, because this is sure to be a shopping trip that’s more about imbibing than being productive. (Brandon Weigel)

Santa dreidel ($6), 2910 On The Square, 2910 O’Donnell St., (410) 675-8505, 2910onthesquare.com

Judaica and Hanukkah cookie-cutter gift set ($18), 2910 On The Square, 2910 O’Donnell St., (410) 675-8505, 2910onthesquare.com

My Passover Seder Plague Kit ($15), 2910 On The Square, 2910 O’Donnell St., (410) 675-8505, 2910onthesquare.com

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