2015 Gift Guide: Introduction

It’s that time of year when we turn onto Charles Street and see the holiday snowflakes hung from lampposts—oh God! Already?—and realize it’s the season of church and school holiday craft fairs, Christmas muzak, and shopping.

For everyone out there who can’t stand the  mall’s maze of parking garages (let alone the clamoring masses lined up outside the big box stores for Black Friday or the run-around from Target to Wal-Mart to Toys “R” Us for Hasbro’s Pie Face! game), City Paper staffers have scoured the streets of Baltimore to find cool gifts for you.

Here’s our thinking: Wouldn’t it be nice if you only parked your car once (or got off the bus) and were able to hit multiple shops on foot quickly and then banked that time you saved on shopping to chill in a local restaurant for lunch, dinner, beers, or a coffee break?

With that in mind, on the following pages we’ve arranged our gift suggestions by street, with a few restaurant/bar recommendations thrown in on the side. Enjoy our walkable city. (Karen Houppert)

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