2015 Gift Guide: Hollins Street

Robert Williams’ Umri Siki (1100 Hollins St.) has been on the corner of Hollins and South Arlington for two decades. “They come from all over the country to see me,” Williams says. “They tell me they’ve never seen a shop like mine before.” It’s stocked to the rafters with African carvings, statues, Dogon tribal granary doors, and other hand-made artifacts, and so Williams is outside, spreading mud cloth (“It’s cotton. Keeps you warm in the winter and cool in the summer,” he says) and setting up tables with beautiful jewelry boxes and incense and huge chunks of shea butter. A hundred feet up the street is City of Gods (1118 Hollins St., city-of-gods-shop.com), your exclusive source for an artful Black Jesus T-shirt ($30), a Mike Tyson design, or any of several “City of Gods” designs that bring the movement to your own body. Kurvy Gurl Apparel (40 S. Carrollton Ave., [443] 889-8621, kurvygurlapparel.bigcartel.com) features tight dresses, faux leather leggings ($32), distressed jean joggers (both skinny and plus-sized, $45), and other high-fashion stuff at good prices.

Across the street is the unmistakable Hollins Market, 30,000 square feet of “oldest continually operated public market” stuffed full of Johnnie’s Seafood, Mike’s Lunch, Quiet Time Inspirational Gifts, and other comestibles from Jack’s Poultry & Chuckie’s Fried Chicken, Lauman’s Meats, Big Wong, and Eddie’s Lunch. Also on the block is Mi Ranchito (where the City of Gods people hang out), Zella’s Pizza, and a new African cuisine restaurant that, in late October, was too new to have a sign up yet. Williams will direct you to it. When you’re done, take the free bus back home or to your car. The Orange Route of the Circulator runs right past the market. (Edward Ericson Jr.)

City of Gods T-shirt ($30), City of Gods, 1118 Hollins St., city-of-gods-shop.com

Baltimore Bandits T-shirt ($25), City of Gods, 1118 Hollins St., city-of-gods-shop.com

Bogalin mud cloth wrap from Mali ($60), Umri Siki, 1100 Hollins St.

Bogalin mud cloth bag from Mali ($30), Umri Siki, 1100 Hollins St.

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