The Trans* Voices Workshop Series

Nov. 19-April 3

Last summer, the young Cohesion Theatre Company pulled Baltimore's theater troupes and artists together for ParityFest, a reading festival that highlighted underproduced plays by female and trans* playwrights. It was awesome, necessary, and it seemed to leave an impression: This year's theater season is seeing more female-authored and female-casted programming than we usually see in the typically marginalizing industry. But the art war on cisnormative patriarchy ain't over. With a growing public dialogue surrounding trans* issues (the asterisk, by the way, encompasses all non-cisgender identities across the spectrum, within and beyond the man-woman binary, as opposed to "trans" which usually denotes the gender binary), it's necessary that the arts recognize and support the work of trans* artists. Cohesion and Iron Crow Theatre have joined forces to bring a three-part workshop series devoted to trans* artists and dialogues. There's Lillie Frank's "A Little Bit Not Normal" (Nov. 19-Dec. 6), a special adaptation of Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" by Phil Vannoorbeeck (Jan. 8-10), and "Aphorisms on Gender" by Cohesion co-founder Alice Stanley (April 1-3). Cohesion Theatre Company, 3717 Gough St., (Maura Callahan)

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