"Time Travel"

Nov. 5

Vivaldi's "The Four Seasons" is one of those pieces of classical music that, even if you don't think you know it, you'd definitely recognize once you heard it—the melodies of its various movements depicting each season have seeped into the Western world's collective cultural consciousness, so that they're still familiar nearly 300 years after the composer first wrote them. The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra will perform the 'Spring' and 'Summer' sections of the musical group, as well as two other concertos from Vivaldi. And surrounding these old-school compositions with nature themes are some new-school pieces with multimedia components from minimalist composer Philip Glass, who, hey, grew up in Baltimore. The concert will open with one movement from Glass' "Life: A Journey Through Time," the premiere of which Marin Alsop conducted in 2006, and will close with "Icarus at the Edge of Time," a multimedia recreation of Brian Greene's novella of the same name. 8 p.m., Joseph Meyerhoff Symphony Hall, 1212 Cathedral St., (410) 783-8000, bsomusic.org, $20-$99. (Anna Walsh)

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