Kathy Flann, "Get A Grip"

Oct. 22

Kathy Flann is one of Baltimore's most exciting writers and the literary community has long been waiting for "Get a Grip," her first collection to be released. The Goucher prof has published widely—pick a literary magazine and she's probably been in it and her stories are a devastating mixture of power and wit. Just take the opening of this story, 'Heaven's Door,' for example: "The Meteorite Man did not need this shit. 'For every hour that the grass grows over my rock and rusts it . . .' he said to his assistant Hankey, pausing to decide on just the right empty threat, 'I'm going to cut off a lock of your hairdo while you're asleep.'" Damn. Atomic Books, 3620 Falls Road, (410) 662-4444, atomicbooks.com, free. (Baynard Woods)

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