Horse Lords, "Hidden Cities"

City Paper

This is a new album from Baltimore’s most ambitious and O-U-T rock ‘n’ roll band and that alone should be enough to get excited about its swirling arty riffs, bad-acid grooves, and Krautrock skronk. But specifically, there is the recent release of ‘Outer East’, the first “single” from “Hidden Cities.” And see, “single” has some quotes around it there because this trip music runs almost 13 minutes long and you’ll hear Can and Fela Kuti and King Crimson and Eric Dolphy and Tortoise in it. There is also a 3-D-animated trailer for the record, put together by members Andrew Bernstein and Max Eilbacher, that fires off snippets of many of the jagged jams they’ve been playing live in the time between 2012’s self-titled debut and now, which also gives you a sense of where this one’s headed. 

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