Top 10 Poetry of 2014

City Paper
  1. Dorothea Lasky, “ROME: Poems” (Liveright Publishing)
  2. Patricia Lockwood, “Motherland Fatherland Homelandsexuals” (Penguin Books) 
  3. Chris Hosea, “Put Your Hands In” (Louisiana State University Press)
  4. Saeed Jones, “Prelude to Bruise” (Coffee House Press)
  5. Jake Adam York, “Abide” (Southern Illinois University Press)
  6. Mike Young, “Sprezzatura” (Publishing Genius Press) 
  7. Dana Roeser, “The Theme of Tonight’s Party Has Been Changed” (University of Massachusetts Press)
  8. Spencer Madsen, “You Can Make Anything Sad” (Publishing Genius Press)
  9. Emmett Buckley, “Mouthfeels” (self-published)
  10. Matthew Falk, “Wash Your Bowl” (Underrated Animals Press)
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