1. Hogan elected governor.

Republican Larry Hogan won the race to succeed Democrat Martin O'Malley as governor of Maryland with nice, round numbers: 884,400 votes, for 51 percent of the total. But that Hogan voters comprise less than 20 percent of the state's adult population is a statement on the state of the electorate: It is largely unengaged in the process, no matter how excited Hogan supporters were. The same goes in Baltimore City, where Marilyn Mosby beat incumbent state's attorney Gregg Bernstein in the primary with 35,688 votes, about 7 percent of the city's adult population. The only candidate other than Hogan to generate real excitement this year placed third in the Democratic primary for governor: Heather Mizeur, whose remarkable campaign provided a glimpse of how positive, respectful campaigning may actually translate into real traction. Had she won, perhaps the Dems would've had a chance against Hogan. (Van Smith)
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