Sheila Heti: "How Should a Person Be?"

City Paper

So you have this friend who tells you about all of her internal crises—what is the point of anything, and how do we do good work, and what is beauty? And she’s writing this play, so she records all of your conversations for inspiration, and she keeps sleeping with that guy who makes her feel like nothing. All of this gets stressful and you feel like you’re playacting your friendship, and she won’t listen to you, and everything she does hurts you because you feel like she is you. Sheila Heti turns you into that friend in her “novel from life,” “How Should a Person Be?”—a beautifully circuitous and frustratingly realistic novel about a person trying to find (or fight) her identity through friends, conversations, and past and present lovers. We realize that all things that we think of as beautiful—friendship, love, sex, art—are often pretty ugly. 7 p.m., Fred Lazarus IV Center, 131 W. North Ave.,, free. 

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