"CoHosts: Guerrilla Girls & Area 405"

City Paper

Anonymous feminist do-goodery? Hell yes. Area 405 co-hosts The Guerrilla Girls in conjunction with The Contemporary. The collective of women, founded in 1984, will do seemingly anything to bring to light discrimination in mainstream global culture. Some of their activist revelations have involved critiquing the film industry with a billboard saying, “The Anatomically Correct Oscar; he’s white and male just like the guys who win,” unveiled in Hollywood in 2002. They have hassled the MoMA at its own Feminist Futures Symposium for under-representing female artists and artists of color. In their 29 years, The Guerrilla Girls have also held performance activism workshops all over the world, and have published books that bring back women artists who history has tried to erase. Don’t miss these superheroes. 6 p.m., The Contemporary, Baltimore School for the Arts, 712 Cathedral St., (phone number), contemporary.org. 

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