Bangers And Thrash: Top 10 in Heavy Music

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This year’s top 10 looks a lot different that I’d expected it would a year ago, with long-time-coming albums from several classic bands and supergroups failing to impress, and various Baltimore-area records not making it out by press time. Still, there was plenty to take in this year: sludge vets Thou’s “Heathen” finally bringing the Louisiana band broader critical attention after years of quality and hard work; excellent records from local fixtures Misery Index and Old Lines; and the surprise “return” of Portland-via-Baltimore’s Nux Vomica, a band I hadn’t thought about in years. While this list has some pretty classically “metal” entries, this year marked the release of a slew of more experimental records that almost made this list, Pharmakon’s sophomore effort being the one that caught my ear the most.

Disclaimer: I’ve taken photos for a bunch of the bands listed on here, but they would’ve been on here anyway, because these records are sick. Not to mention all the ones I did photos for that didn’t make the list. 

  1. Thou, “Heathen” (Gilead Media /Vendetta/Howling Mine)
  2. Horrendous, “Ecdysis” (Dark Descent Records)
  3. Behemoth, “The Satanist” (Nuclear Blast)
  4. Pharmakon, “Bestial Burden” (Sacred Bones)
  5. Blut Aus Nord, “Memoria Vetusta III - Saturnian Poetry” (Debemur Morti)
  6. Dead Congregation, “Promulgation of the Fall” (Profound Lore)
  7. Misery Index, “The Killing Gods” (Seasons of Mist)
  8. Old Lines, “No Child Left Behind” (No Sleep Records)
  9. Nux Vomica, “Nux Vomica” (Relapse Records)
  10. Eyehategod, “Eyehategod” (Housecore)
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