10. Chrissy Vasquez, 'Golden Reaper' (self-released)

Chrissy Vasquez's music has a cinematic quality. 'Golden Reaper' begins with dialogue and then screaming, in a way that suggests horror-movie torture, before it moves into a neo-noir sci-fi James Bond soundscape. Then Vasquez's disarmingly beautiful voice begins to reverberate as she sings about masturbating and fantasizing in a way that is more melancholy than erotic. It's mixed in such a way that her voice is soaked in reverb and delay, layers overlapping on the verge of chaos as pop opera. She also released a demo "Sola'moor," which shows an amazing depth for such a young artist--on the first song 'DOPE DADDY' she comes across like an Amy Winehouse, if Winehouse had stripped herself of all but the rudiments of the retro schtick and had gone futuristic instead. We'll look for a lot more from Vasquez this year. (BW)

Golden Reaper by Chrissy Vasquez

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