9. Bobby Donnie, 'Night Sky' (self-released)

We're not exactly even sure what a single is anymore, except a good song that is available somewhere. 'Night Sky,' by Bobby Donnie, made up of filmmaker and artist Stephanie Barber and Joan Sullivan, is only available on their site, but we suspect it will be one of the tracks on their long-awaited Ehse release in 2015. The song perfectly captures the contradiction at the heart of this band, whose music is at once extremely primitive and simple and, on the other hand, extraordinarily complex--like the sonic equivalent of Picasso copying a child's drawing. Barber's nursery-rhyme-like lyrics and simple drum beats end up overlapping with Sullivan's background chants and chugging-but-stuttered guitar strums to create something stunning--and then a time-signature change and the song is something else altogether. This is rough and pretty rock 'n' roll for smart people, as if Andy Warhol and Ludwig Wittgenstein got married and raised the weirdly disabled genius offspring of the Ramones and the Shags. (Baynard Woods)

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