4. Young Moose, 'Dumb Dumb' (Out the Mud Records)

Because this hit from the Lil Boosie-indebted East Baltimore rapper and frequent target of Baltimore City Police Detective Daniel Hersl tells his critics that he knows exactly what the hell he is doing: "They like 'Them guns in your videos, boy, that's dumb dumb'/ I'm like 'I had to let them niggas know we got dumb guns.'" Because it climbed out of car windows all summer and into the fall. Because 92Q scooped it up (at least one time, DJ AngelBaby brilliantly mixed it with Rye Rye's 'Dum Dum'). Because we heard three kids singing it to their mom on the way to church one Sunday morning. Because it seems to be the ringtone for every third person in the city. Because along with Lor Scoota, Baltimore hip-hop seems alive and well for the first time in forever, merging street immediacy with working-class protest music. (Brandon Soderberg)

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