Photos from Poly Players Jeff and Jabray

During the season, some of the guys expressed an interest in journalism and photography. Cleveland Horton played with the idea of being an on-camera personality, which he may have a future in. Jabray Franklin, who is a good writer and can draw very well, wants to explore other talents to one day settle on something creative he wants to do full time. Jeffery Alexander warmed up to the idea of being a photographer, prompting him to want to take up film and video in college. During the season, I allowed Jeffery to photograph the junior varsity games before heading to the locker room midway through the third quarter. Jabray also spent some time developing his eye, and took a lot of photographs around the gym after practices and in the locker room. Check out Part One and Two of our year-long coverage of Polytechnic's route to the state championships. (Reginald Thomas II) 

Reginald Thomas II
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