One Year Later: That Sandtown Light

If all that you see when you travel through the West Baltimore neighborhood of Sandtown-Winchester is what most of the media highlights—vacants, burned-out buildings, and other images that recall the smoke and fire of last year's unrest—you're missing most of the picture. There's just something about that Sandtown light.The sun, as it rises and sets in Baltimore, shoots straight down North Ave. and curves down the side streets, illuminating Freddie Gray's neighborhood, enhancing any and every color it touches—Sandtown glows: Bright red lipstick, electric blue silk suits, fulgent colorful murals which tell the story of the Baltimore Uprising, bright white t-shirts of young men washing cars glows in the early evening light. Sandtown is a beautiful neighborhood. Walk through there sometime, say hello, and take in the sunrise or sunset. (J.M. Giordano)

J. M. Giordano
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