Contact Sheet: The Work of Carde Cornish

Carde Cornish photographs all facets of life in the city. A native of West Baltimore, Cornish documents everything, and his style is an intimate, yet hands-off approach. Many of his photographs give glimpses into his world without using words. He photographs people he knows up and down Pennsylvania Avenue, his friends that he skateboards with, and documents his family, most notably his son, on his day-to-day travels in life. Cornish has also shown interest in photojournalism. Since 2010 he's documented momentous occasions in the city, including last year's uprising. Formerly, the personal photographer for councilman Nick Mosby, Cornish shoots from a place of empathy but also values technical skill, and personally sees photography as a tool to keep track of time. (Reginald Thomas II) Check out the rest of the Arts Issue here

Carde Cornish
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