Contact Sheet: The Photography of Teresa Duggan

Baltimore is full of little visual surprises, many hidden in plain sight. I’m drawn to scenes that offer a curious view of the ordinary, or something special that I've come across by chance. Exploring the city on foot or by bike makes it easy to pause for a closer look and take time to compose the visual elements to my liking. These photographs were exhibited at the top floor gallery of the World Trade Center in the Inner Harbor. When I chose them, I envisioned an audience of tourists from other states and other countries, peering down on Baltimore with their own preconceptions. Perhaps these photos—colorful, accessible, but a little out of the ordinary—would create a sense of wonder about the streets down below, or even inspire the viewer to explore Baltimore beyond their comfort zone. There are moments of enigmatic beauty and humor waiting to be found around almost any corner of our weird and wonderful city.-Teresa Duggan. See more of her work here

Teresa Duggan
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