Contact Sheet: Remembering Prince

Baltimore native Steve Parke worked with Prince from 1988 to 2001. "During the late '80s I shot live concerts for the CBS affiliate in D.C. which gave me access to many musicians to show my work. Thats where I met Levi Seacer Jr. who ultimately showed my artwork to Prince and got me an in. The first “in" being 1988 when my first job was painting the floor of a stage in the round for a video shoot. Then I worked my way into designing and painting tout shirts for the Lovesexy tour. I also traveled to the UK to paint on sets for the shows there. After that I was called in for things like painting on guitars, clothing, and ultimately scoring the artwork for the album cover Graffiti Bridge. I taught myself the computer and ended up being his designer on things from merchandise, album covers, sets for tour and video, interior design for the studio, setting up big parties with lots of celebrities and I am sure signs which I can't recall. In 1997 he asked if I could use a camera. Well, yeah. So after that I learned on super crappy Nikon DCS-460 and became his photographer top of all the rest until 2001."- Steve Parke, Baltimore. 

Steve Parke
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