First Night with Charlie-22

Fresh out of the police academy, Officer Patrick Deachilla, 29, is hitting the streets during a particular volatile time in the city. Deachilla, who graduated from the academy in October and holds a master’s degree in athletic training, agreed that it’s a tough time to be a new officer, but as a city resident he hoped to “[do] this for everyone, even the people who hate me.” His roots in the department run deep. Deachilla’s father, William J. (Billy) Martin, was a 10-year veteran of the department who was killed in the line of duty on Oct. 10, 1989 after an ambush in a stairwell on Pennsylvania Avenue. Deachilla was 3. In 1994, his mother remarried. His stepdad was a 25-year veteran of the Baltimore Police Department.

City Paper rode along with Deachilla on his first night patrol as a rookie—his call sign is “Charlie 22.” His eight-hour shift took him from a domestic-violence situation to a car-jacking to a purse-snatching to a five-car accident that caused the JFX to be shut down both ways.

Photos and text by J.M. Giordano
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