Behind the Scenes at The BBQ in Photos

The BBQ on Greenmount blasts blues and proffers pulled pork, pit beef, and ribs that are delicious but won't leave you falling into a food coma either, all without being so damn bougie about it. That's important. No really—while there is a tendency to kick against everything even remotely respectability-grabbing in this city (and we here at City Paper are as guilty of as it anybody), there is a way in which the BBQ, like the nearby Cafe 1127 on Greenmount Avenue, provides foodie-nodding sauce and meat without charging too much for it or sprucing it up for no good reason or whatever, you know?

The BBQ, which has been open for about three months, is owned and run by Maurice Bradford, who had been working on getting the space ready for about a year.

"Everything here is made by hand. I wouldn't have it any other way. Ever," Bradford says proudly. "It's never going to change." (J.M. Giordano and Brandon Soderberg)

J.M. Giordano
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