Baltimore's Solidarity with Charlottesville Rally and March in Photos

Following a series of speeches in front of the Lee-Jackson Monument in Wyman Park Dell, where people gathered in opposition to white supremacy and in solidarity with Charlottesville, about 1000 Baltimoreans marched through Charles Village, led by Duane "Shorty" Davis and members of Baltimore Bloc with massive banners which read "Justice for Tyrone West" and "Antifasciste Aktion."Behind them, hundreds wielding "resist" signs, trans pride flags, and more. As the march approached University Parkway, the chants became more musical—protesters toward the front stomped and clapped to each call and response. When the group returned to the Lee-Jackson Monument, a number of groups introduced themselves for people to stay involved and then, a truck drove up and inside of it, "Madre Luz," a massive sculpture by artist Paolo Machioli, of a woman, pregnant, fist up, was pulled off the truck and triumphantly placed in front of the Lee-Jackson monument. The statue first appeared there back in 2015 during the debates about moving Balitmore's Confederate monuments—a conversation that has heated up again after Saturday, Aug. 12 attack wherein a fascist drove into an anti-fascist march killing one and injuring 19. (Maura Callahan & Brandon Soderberg) Read our coverage from Charlottesville here

By Joe Giordano, Baltimore City Paper
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