Seven Hot New Apps Every Baltimorean Must Get Immediately

As App Fabbers from California to Canton dream up new and adorable high-tech ways to expropriate public amenities (a la Baltimore's own Haystack) and harness the desperate to the at-whim schedule of their financial betters (Lyft, Uber, TaskRabbit, etc.), it is obvious that tomorrow's "Sharing Economy" profits will be found in mining the ever-deepening poverty of everyday Americans. Fortunately for us--and you visionary investors--Baltimore is a perfect laboratory for that--and getting better every day! Scouring every smug and entitled cranny of Baltimore's nascent tech culture, City Paper has sleuthed-out these seven new apps you need right now. Coming soon to a Kickstarter solicitation on your personal touchscreen, these tech miracles represent tomorrow's cutting-edge innovation opportunities . . . Today!
CP Staff
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