Eat 2017

Baltimore is a special kind of food town, with favorites and staples that go beyond our steamed crabs and unwavering loyalty to Old Bay seasoning on anything and everything. You can also get a chicken box smothered in salt and pepper and ketchup, a meaty sandwich piled too high with pit beef, endless Korean options, or indulge in some fancy foodie dishes like beef cheek stew or grilled octopus.

We contain multitudes. And in those multitudes, stories. A plate of food is never just a plate of food. It also evidences generations of experience, clues about cultures and attitudes, the way things change and the way they stay the same. It’s a great way for us to learn about who we are and learn about others, too, while we fill our bellies and hang out and chat over drinks and a fresh plate along the way.

In other words, food has the potential to bring people together like nothing else. We’ve all got to eat, right? And we all tend to like it when the stuff we eat tastes good. This city is one that has always been carved up by sharply defined lines and loyalties for better and for worse. Those lines designated who got to enjoy what and where they can enjoy it. We hope, however, that the “Eat” guide we’ve put together this year encourages you, the reader, to break out of your box and erase those lines, at least a little bit.

Edited by Lisa Snowden-McCray and Rebekah Kirkman. Editorial support by James Callahan, Ja’Von Hill, Akira Kyles, Tramon Lucas, and Sam Shelton. Photographs by E. Brady Robinson and J.M. Giordano. Designed by Athena Towery.

  • Eat 2017: Belvedere Square

    Eat 2017: Belvedere Square

    Belvedere Square Belvedere Square Atwater’s Belvedere Square Market, 529 E. Belvedere Ave., (410) 323-2396, $, B, L, D, P A great spot for sandwiches made with fresh bread, delicious soups (always with vegetarian and vegan options), and one of the best glasses of iced tea you’ll find...

  • Eat 2017: Canton / Highlandtown

    Eat 2017: Canton / Highlandtown

    Canton/Highlandtown Canton/Highlandtown Acropolis 4718 Eastern Ave., (410) 675-3384, $$, L, D All the classics are here: You’ve got your lamb, your veal, your chicken souvlaki. It’s the lamb selections and the seafood menu where you’ll find what Acropolis does best. Alma...

  • Eat 2017: Indoor Markets

    Eat 2017: Indoor Markets

    Indoor Markets Indoor Markets Avenue Market 1700 Pennsylvania Ave., Avenue Market underwent major renovations that cost more than half a million dollars and reopened in 2012 with new vendors, including fresh groceries. Belvedere Square Market 529 E. Belvedere Ave.,

  • Eat 2017: Charles Village / Waverly

    Eat 2017: Charles Village / Waverly

    Charles Village/Waverly Charles Village/Waverly Alizée 4 W. University Parkway, (443) 449-6200, $$$, B, L, D, BR, P, R This American bistro styles itself as “one of Baltimore’s most fashionable restaurants,” delivering classics with a twist such as the Alizée french toast for...

  • Eat 2017: Counties

    Eat 2017: Counties

    The Counties The Counties An Poitin Stil 2323 York Road, Timonium, (410) 560-7900, $$, L, D, BR, P, R A nicely appointed sit-down place where you can get an Irish stew or a quesadilla while enjoying the live music and the fireplace. Strong drinks. Ananda 7421 Maple Lawn Blvd.,...

  • Eat 2017: Downtown

    Eat 2017: Downtown

    Downtown Downtown Aggio 614 Water St., (410) 528-0200, $$$, D, R Former “Top Chef” contestant Bryan Voltaggio’s first Baltimore restaurant—which opened in 2014 to accompany his popular Washington, D.C. and Frederick joints—offers inventive Italian in a spiffy setting near Power Plant...

  • Eat 2017: Federal Hill

    Eat 2017: Federal Hill

    Federal Hill Federal Hill &pizza 1201 S. Charles St., (443) 341-1016, $$, L, D Part of a gourmet chain that also has locations in Washington, D.C.; Pennsylvania; New York; and Virginia. They boast organic dough, MSG-free products, and no high-fructose corn syrup. Diners can also try...

  • Eat 2017: Fells Point

    Eat 2017: Fells Point

    Fells Point Fells Point 8Ball Meatball 814 South Broadway, (443) 759-5315, $$, L, D, BR This restaurant specializes in meatballs—on sandwiches, on salads, or by themselves. Customers can pick classic meatballs made with beef, pork, and veal as well as chicken meatballs, spicy...

  • Eat 2017: Hamilton

    Eat 2017: Hamilton

    Hamilton Hamilton Big Bad Wolf’s House of Barbeque 5713 Harford Road, (410) 444-6422, $$, L, D Barbecue doesn’t have to be rocket science, and this carry-out keeps things simple with its menu of meats, seven sauces, and sides (in addition to offerings of sandwiches and salads)....

  • Eat 2017: Food Trucks

    Eat 2017: Food Trucks

    Food Trucks Food Trucks Bistro Lunch Box @bistrolunchbox, Catering to the mobile gourmet, the Lunch Box specializes in fresh, restaurant-quality food. And its gourmet touch extends to six varieties of fries, including Black Truffle Bacon Fondue. Cruisin’ Cafe @CruisinCafeLLC...

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