Wednesday: Wide Angle Youth Media Happy Hour Fundraiser

April 26

Last year, on the anniversary of the Baltimore Uprising, Wide Angle Youth Media released a book called "This Is Baltimore," featuring photos and essays by local teens, intent on subverting a common narrative about the city that national media helped propagate while they were in town. "I personally hope people are able to see Baltimore with new eyes," said Eboni Sellers, a Wide Angle instructor, to CP contributor Lisa Lance last year. "Because the media has come in and tried to get people to view Baltimore as a negative city—not full of kids, but full of thugs. We illustrated a book so people can actually see our students." In its after school programs, apprenticeship programs, and workshops, Wide Angle (which we named Best Nonprofit in 2015) has focused on youth collaboration and empowerment through photography, video, and storytelling since 2000. As a slim-staffed non-profit that has received financial support over the years from the Open Society Institute, the Baltimore Community Foundation, and others, Wide Angle could always use a little extra help to keep doing this work. So head over to Golden West Cafe this evening and buy a special cocktail; proceeds go directly back to Wide Angle. 5-9 p.m., Golden West Cafe, 1105 W. 36th St.,, free. (Rebekah Kirkman)

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