Wednesday: Press Press Public Studio Announcements: Readings + Puerto Rico Relief Fundraiser

Oct. 18

Earlier this year when I spoke with Kimi Hanauer and Bomin Jeon of the interdisciplinary publishing collective Press Press (which we named Best Press this year) right before they opened up their studio space downtown, we talked about the team's radical engagement with publishing and with words. "[T]he book and printed text occupy that same territory of being a symbol of power—but anybody can make a book," Hanauer said. "So I think the book and publications are really symbolically deconstructing power structures in the gatherings that we do and the programming that we do." Press Press continues to push against power by gathering together, this time with a new series called Public Studio Announcements, "a series of gatherings featuring readings, declarations, announcements, and speeches" in support of a specific cause or organization. This inaugural PSA draws our attention to Puerto Rico: All money raised at this event will go to the Hurricane Maria Community Recovery Fund. Readers tonight include Amelia Bande, a writer who works in performance, theater, and film (she also co-founded the small press Publishing Puppies); local prolific writer and speaker Bilphena Yahwon, author of "Teaching Gold-Mah How to Heal Herself," a collection of poems, journal entries, and "self-help messages"; and Rose Buttress, a local seamstress/machinist whose recent piece for Mask Magazine entitled "A New Social Contract" proposes a new way of living (with an emphasis on cooperation with and accountability to one another), to counter or perhaps repair the many miserable ways we all currently live and interact with each other. 7-10 p.m., Press Press, 427 N. Eutaw St.,, free (but you should also give your money to help Puerto Rico). (Rebekah Kirkman)

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