Wednesday: Mystery Science Theater 3000

Aug. 9

If you’re an MST3K fan you probably know all about the new Netflix version, with Jonah Ray standing in for Joel Hodgson (and Mike), new ‘bot voices, and Rebecca Hanson as Synthia and Patton Oswalt as “TV’s Son of TV’s Frank” pressing the button at the end. You probably at least like it, but are you as wedded to the show as you were the original? And if that, are you ready to shell out for a live-action version? Sure, why not? The original—an unlikely UHF puppet show based on the premise that a janitor was fired into space by evil scientists who then experiment on him by subjecting him to bad movies, which he then heckled—had just the right mix of wicked cynicism and something like real love and admiration for its wayward targets. The new one feels a little bit mimeo’d, blurrier at the edges, despite Hodgson’s helming it through a wild Kickstarter campaign. The stage version (sans Hanson and Oswalt, who appear as pre-recorded cues) is nearing the end of its run, and word is the cast has it nailed down. It reprises Eegah!, a ‘60s hash of dune buggies, rock music, and Richard Kiel (AKA “Jaws from James Bond”) as some kind of caveman monster guy. The original TV version gave the tour its name: “Watch Out For Snakes.” Some cities also get another show featuring another movie, but not us. Man, they should do “Pecker.” Aug. 9, 8 p.m., The Lyric, 140 W. Mount Royal Ave., (410) 900-1150,, $36-$67. (Edward Ericson Jr.)

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