Wednesday: Lonely In My Room

Dec. 9

You know, the 45 rpm single was, at one time, a very social medium for music listening. It's easy to forget that because now we have iPod DJs and Spotify playlists and all the rest, which makes it easier to play a whole lot of songs in succession. Culturally we have fetishized vinyl and idealized the 45 in particular—it's a quaint musical object and listening to it alone feels intimate and special. And though certainly plenty of people listened alone back in the day, the 45 was also what jukeboxes used and people would come to parties and bring a few 45s and spin them and it was a whole thing. The Crown's Lonely In My Room event, a monthly DJ night and an intimate gathering in which people bring their favorite 45s to play for others, conflates the private and social possibilities of the 45. Recently, I was packing my things for a move and when I pulled my stack of 45s out, I immediately felt compelled to play a few: the Walker Brothers' 'Make It Easy On Yourself,' Bloodstone's 'Natural High,' and Kano's 'I'm Ready' were among those that I put on the turntable. It would've been cool to share that experience with some other people. 9 p.m., The Crown, 1910 N. Charles St., (410) 625-4747,, free. (Brandon Soderberg)

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