Wednesday: Gunky's Basement presents: "RoboCop" on 35mm

Sept. 27

Do you ever watch those Boston Dynamics videos of the robots they make prancing around and get a little freaked out? I do. Slap a machine gun on those things and we're not far off from the Enforcement Droid Series 209, the hulking trigger-happy robot made by mega-corporation Omni Consumer Products (OCP) in "RoboCop." And there's even more about this dystopian flick that aligns with the current day, particularly in this era of "disruption" when vast amounts of money are spent on apps and technology to eliminate jobs and line the pockets of the already wealthy. As "RoboCop" writer Ed Neumeier told CNN in 2013, "We are increasingly asking corporations to do these things for us . . . to provide human services. But their objectives are different to public service needs." Add in the sleek glass towers in OCP's vision of "Delta City," a corporate-run urban paradise, and the whole thing is a bit too on the nose. But hey, "RoboCop," which is being presented by Dan Deacon, Jimmy Joe Roche, and Eric Hatch, is still a great film and totally worth seeing on the big screen. Be sure to pick up the awesome original poster designed by Post Typography's Nolen Strals. 9 p.m., SNF Parkway, 5 W. North Ave.,, $10. (Brandon Weigel)

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