Wednesday: Goodbye Pikesville

Nov. 23

As has been reported in this paper, Pikesville Rye, the cheap Maryland-style rye whiskey that has remained a Baltimore favorite (and hasn't been made in Baltimore for some time) is going the way of the dodo. Some of us at City Paper are taking it a bit hard. As Van Smith wrote in 2013, CP has long been a booster for the rye, which dates back to the late 1800s and saw a rise in popularity in recent years. With that in mind, let us celebrate its demise in the best way possible: gluttonous consumption. Colette is feteing Pikesville, and while a bougie French restaurant may be an odd setting to celebrate a bottom-shelf whiskey, it will have to do, because it's the only party that's been announced as of this writing. Come by for happy hour and drink specials, rye-flavored desserts, and all the Pikesville you can handle. 5 p.m., Colette, 1709 N. Charles St., (443) 835-2945,, free. (Brandon Weigel)

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