Wednesday: Garrison Keillor’s Prairie Home “Love and Comedy” Tour

Sept. 13

Real talk: I like Garrison Keillor a lot. I started listening in college—35 years ago—and basically never stopped. I saw the man live like 20 years ago and it was a fine show. And I like the new guy too, Chris What’s-His-Name. He’s a vastly better musician than Keillor could ever be and he does OK with the unthreateningly-liberal stories and jokes. It’s clear already that the “Prairie Home Companion” franchise will live on to entertain new generations of middlebrow, middle-class, mostly-white-and-slightly-guilty-about-it American Patriots of the Powdermilk Coalition. So I say all this with the love and affection of an old friend: Retire, man. You are 75 years old. You have earned your Good Years On The Porch, Rocking. Enjoy some catchup. You’ve had an amazing run, you were absolutely brilliant, absolutely singular, and it’s time to move on. Let Chris What’s-His-Face do his thing. Maybe pitch the New Yorker; they’ll take your calls. Or write a memoir. Hell, run for Senate if you want! But for God’s sake don’t just hang around the show like, well, like the guy who can’t let go. 7:30 p.m., Pier Six Pavilion, 731 Eastern Ave., (410) 547-7200,, $26 and up. (Edward Ericson Jr.)

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