Wednesday: Cool Conscious Book Club

July 20

With their boutique nestled in southwest Baltimore across from Hollins Street Market, City of Gods is cultivating another component to the brand’s appeal through community work, artist showcases, and their sponsored basketball team comprised of homegrown talent that competes in national competitions for cash prizes. Their latest initiative is The Cool Conscious Book Club. Once a month the tables are rearranged and the boutique transforms into a community space where those in attendance discuss a piece of literature that leads to a dialogue about a multitude of topics. In the past the book club has featured "The Beast Side: Living (and Dying) While Black In America" by D. Watkins and Robert Greene’s "The Art of Seduction." The next meet-up will spotlight Tony Lewis Jr.’s "Slugg: A Boy’s Life in The Age of Mass Incarceration," which chronicle’s Lewis’ life and provides a personal account of how the prison industrial complex breaks down the nuclear family structure. 7 p.m., City of Gods, 1118 Hollins St., (410) 685-4637,, free. (Reginald Thomas II)

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