Wednesday: Cards and Cocktails: Euchre Night

Sept. 13

I only learned the card game euchre because I have friends from Ohio; apparently it's a really big deal out there. For those who don't know, euchre is a partnered trick-taking game—like Hearts or Pinochle—that, due to its Pennsylvania Dutch origins, labels the best cards with the German word for farmer (bauer, or bower here) and classifies the team that's one point away from winning as being "in the barn." Some teams even know to have one partner yank the other's downturned thumbs like they're cow udders when this occurs. Trust me, it's a fun game. Tonight's host, Martine Richards, an erstwhile City Paper contributor, the host of Brews and Board Games Happy Hour, and a friend of mine, is working to spread the gospel of euchre here in Baltimore. Drinks, games, and the possibility of pretending to milk a friend or loved one—what more could you want? 5-8 p.m., The Windup Space, 12 W. North Ave., (410) 244-8855,, free. (Brandon Weigel) 

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