Wednesday: 4 Hours Of Sad

Dec. 21

As you probably know, the Bell Foundry has been shut down, the artists who used the spaced kicked out, and the building condemned. It's maddening and a little bit bullshit because even if it is ostensibly about "safety" it drags with it questions of gentrification and how building code enforcement is a weapon wielded by those in power and safety and so on is secondary. But the Bell, it seems, is gone and it is sad, so come to the Crown and feel sad and angry with some of its residents and supporters including DJ Station North SadBoi (AKA Que, who was organizing shows there and really turned the place into something extra-special and is also a member of noise duo Melanin Free), Blacksage, Infinity Knives, and Ghost Pop (a kind of drifting side project from JPEGMAFIA). All proceeds from this show will go to the Bell Foundry. 8 p.m., The Crown, 1910 N. Charles St., (410) 625-4848,, $7. (Brandon Soderberg)

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