Tuesday: Talking About Race: Black Politics and Neoliberalism

June 7

Professor of political science and Africana studies at Johns Hopkins University Lester K. Spence's excellent book "Knocking The Hustle: Against the Neoliberal Turn in Black Politics," as I said in my review earlier this year, is "a cogent rundown of the ways this country has been crippled by its embrace of neoliberalism." And as we stare down things such as this Port Covington TIF, it's prescient, too. Spence will chat with Bret McCabe, senior writer for Johns Hopkins Magazine and CP contributor (and former CP arts editor) at an event sponsored by Open Society Institute. McCabe wrote an excellent profile of Spence earlier this year and said this of "Knocking the Hustle": "It's a dense but readable hybrid of ambitious scholarship, partly touching on the histories of economics, urban policy, and education since the 1970s, and partly showing how those developments worked to narrow the point of view in black political discussions." Spence also told McCabe that his goal was to "write a thing for black people that does some of the work that Race Matters did for previous generations," and although we'll only know later on if this is true, it most certainly feels like a book of similar importance. 7 p.m., Turpin-Lamb Theatre at Morgan State University’s Murphy Fine Arts Center, 2201 Argonne Dr., osibaltimore.org, free. (Brandon Soderberg)

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